ABC Cumberland Valley can develop Custom seminars and workshops for your company and employees' needs. A key benefit of custom training is that the training will focus on the areas you have chosen. 

In-house training is training conducted at your place of business, during the day or evening. This option provides convenience to your employees and encourages your employees to learn and grow together as a team. All of our training, including Apprenticeship and Craft training, Seminars, and Workshops, are available on an In-House basis. Key benefits of In-House Training include:

  • A schedule that you choose.
  • The use of your facilities.
  • A place more convenient for your employees.
  • The ability to help ensure the success of the training program. 

ABC Cumberland Valley has many tools and resources for you to pick. Amos is now a certified John Maxwell DISC consultant and can offer DISC assessments to you and your teams along with Workshops! We also have many opportunities throughout the year for other team development and managerial classes, and seminars!

Fees for Custom and In-House Training are greatly affected by: 

the specific type and duration of the training, the number of participants, 

curriculum resources, professional fees, travel costs for the trainer or instructor, and other various items. For additional information on Custom and In-House Training programs and their specific prices, please call 301-739-1190.