Tim Campbell, Callas Contractors Inc.

Callas Contractors, Inc. was formed in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1958 by Michael G. Callas as a general contractor for the construction, repairing, and remodeling of buildings and public works projects.  Callas is a charter member of the ABC Cumberland Valley Chapter, which also was formed in 1958.  Mike Callas was a faithful supporter of ABC and would later become ABC national president in 1973 and 1974.  His primary objective was to make a terror-free, harmonious and competitive construction workplace in America.
Mike Callas was a civic leader, merit shop icon, an outstanding contractor and
was the longest tenured member of ABC’s national board of directors.  
Callas once stated, “America’s greatest resource is not material things like
wood and coal and fertile farmlands but the magic of independent people
working together in a free enterprise society.  We are the envy of the whole world.”  
In two short years as ABC’s president, Callas surpassed his own goal by doubling membership, expanding new chapters by 30% and increasing chapters-in-formation by 80%.  Mike Callas made many contributions to his community and ABC before his passing in 2004.  Dr. Stuart Dunnan, Headmaster of St. James School south of Hagerstown, had this to say about Mike Callas, “Mike loved his people.
He cared for and about them. They were in so many ways his responsibility,
 his family, his reason for winning that bid, his reason for their freedom of association.”  
Today, under the leadership of Timothy R. Campbell (Past Chairman of ABC CVC), Callas Contractors Inc. continues to operate in the tradition of teamwork.  

The Callas mission is Building Community upon a foundation of Construction Excellence.  This embodies giving back while providing proficiency and quality.  
Callas Contractors’ greatest strength is its diversity of experience, which permits unparalleled resources within the company to meet any challenge.  The types of
projects performed range from schools, offices, industrial, waste water plants, potable water plants, site utilities, commercial remodeling, demolition, hospitality and
health care.  Callas works primarily within a 100 mile radius of Hagerstown.  
There are exceptions when previous clients request travel to other more remote
 sites.  Callas has been invited and is engaged with work at the US Military Academy in West Point, New York.
At Callas, building upon the knowledge of shared hands-on experience produces
 accurate forecasting and quality problem solving.  Solutions are keenly improved
 through collaboration and partnering.  The management at Callas encourages respect
 by always being approachable from the top down. This open door policy has resulted
 in longevity of its employees, many of whom have been with the Company for
over thirty years.

The challenge now is continuity with industry challenges of training and retaining
 our future.  Callas is well poised at perpetuating and continuing its dedication to community and employee achievement.